During the holidays,I read with great interest the content is full of imagination、Strange、If the circumstances are compelling《The young police universe》。These four alien young cop of the book is not only smart and brave,And kindness、Have a sense of justice,Left a deep impression on me。……【Read the full article】
《The top of the tower's cat》This book is written by Yang hongying writers《Laughing cat diary》A book in the series。The book is a hero——The first person to write smiling cat。……【Read the full article】
A few days ago,I have read a book,Name is《Stupid Wolf's campus life》。I have a look at,Stupid Wolf?Is he stupid?The original stupid Wolf isn't stupid,Just what he said always let you in distress situation。……【Read the full article】
Person's life can't always so well,Total want to experience some setbacks,Such life will be wonderful;As the saying goes:“There will be a must。”,No matter what you lost now,One day, you will always get what;Like YuYuJun write this let a person cry friendship story of making people laugh。……【Read the full article】
The first paper; As long as we learned the history of the Ming dynasty,We know the famous prince zhu di!His courageous warrior,To beat his to banner,Became the emperor。 Zhu di was born in the war,Zhu yuanzhang was and Chen Youqiong for war。So,Zhu di is not like literature,But the gun like knives,So Ming emperor did not like……【Read the full article】
The first paper: A few days ago,We learn a lesson《They dialogue with trees》。This article makes me feel deeply,Because,It not only let me know the highly respected、Old grandpa has contribution to learn,Also let me know how many learning methods。 This is a interview,Main told a pupil named miaomiao,Season to Beijing, a professor at the university of envy……【Read the full article】
The first paper: Throughout the year《The youth abstract》In this book,I read a composition《I am the most happiness》,I like。 The author saw the picture on TV:A little girl shape,A smile on her face,Eyes shining with tears。The little girl tells her experiences as a primary school:winte,I listen to the teacher on the wall outside the classroom。The teacher made a……【Read the full article】
The first paper: It took me two weeks will be written by American writer love smicer codel《Special girl, Sarah》Carefully read three times,Love in the extreme。 Sahara in school is a stupid students in need of help,But as a matter of fact,She has a passion for reading,Also like writing,And write a book of his own,Hidden in the library,She is eager to let others see one day……【Read the full article】
The first paper: Mother bought me a book《Mice princess pumpkin》,Mice princess wanted to go to the black mouse kingdom and play,It drove the pumpkin to black mouse kingdom prince find black rat,The prince took her to the black mouse kingdom to visit tourist,A lot of fun,She don't want to go home。The days passed,The prince had his own things,The princess can not accompany the mice play。It didn't……【Read the full article】
The first paper: These days,I have read《The lilies in my heart》The article,Feel endless aftertaste。 This article is the most I'm impressed with this paragraph:Lily said:I want to bloom,Because I know they are beautiful flowers;I want to bloom,Is a grand mission to accomplish as a flower;I want to bloom,Is because I like to spend to prove himself……【Read the full article】
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